Workshop, March 2014

>Home now from a long weekend at Newbold House, Forres – got so much from it and sitting here with awareness of just how fortunate I am to have so many opportunities and experiences. I love staying at Newbold – the house is beautiful, the community is so welcoming, the food superb, the energy has the wow factor, they have a swing in the gardens and the beds are so utterly comfortable!

Findhorn Beach is a 10 minute drive away and on Friday afternoon it was incredible. Dry and sunny, but incredibly windy – sand devils were racing across the beach and it looked for all the world as if the ground was moving – disconcerting to begin with but very exciting once I got my head round it. Walked for a couple of hours, collected some amazing stones and experienced the most intense exfoliation ever! Found my voice as well for a roar with the sea.

Over the weekend, I was assisting Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch on her Sacred De-armouring workshop and it really was the most rewarding experience. I know from personal experience just how utterly liberating this work can be and it is a privilege to help others share this work. Profound thanks for Gillian for asking me and trusting me – I’ve so grown into this work and still marvel at the release and growth that flows from it.

One last experience to share. I was sitting, with others, witnessing a young man. Just sitting by him, connecting with him, feeling his strength and his vulnerability. In one moment I felt such a deep and pure love for this man – the feeling of being connected with him, of being connected with all, that we are all one. Powerful, profound and tears of happiness.

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