Soulful Accountancy

  • Do you submit tax returns?
  • How do you feel as the Tax Year End looms?
  • If you were asked for your earnings to date, could you give an accurate response?
  • Do you know your income and outgoings on a daily basis, and categorised by product?
  • Do you want to work with an accountant who cares?
  • Do you want to work with an accountant who cheers you on to succeed?
  • Do you want your accountant to do the best for you?

Have I caught your attention yet?

I have worked in a variety of settings in small to medium companies, and also multinationals, as anything from The Whole Finance Department to Senior Financial Accountant, heading up a team. And I’m still hugely enthusiastic about facts, figures and accounts! My passion is for Truth and for Success and I like nothing more than to work with those who really care and who are enriching the world. If that is you, please do get in touch…..

For others who enjoy the facts and figures: I started working in accountancy in the 1980’s. My first role was a relatively junior one in the travel industry. In those days, everything was hand-written in big old-fashioned ledgers and manually balanced every month. A fabulous grounding in getting the basics right!

Later on, I moved into working with small businesses – from manufacturing to printing, from catering to software programming. These businesses were a mixture of sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. In most instances, I was the Finance Department and developed a great breadth of knowledge across all aspects of business accountancy – management and financial accounts, statutory reporting, cash forecasting, budgets, VAT and payroll.

For the ten years to November 2013, I was employed as the Senior Financial Accountant by a multi-national drinks company. In that role, I was responsible for all financial reporting, cash forecasting, currency trading and various company-wide projects. I managed a team of staff, dealt with the company’s banking needs and reported at board level.

One of my strengths, developed over many years and many different roles, is introducing order and setting up systems. I have a talent for seeing what is required and working out the most efficient way of achieving the optimum solution.

I work with companies/individuals to see what they want from an accounts system – a business can get so much information from their accounts system; it’s not simply a matter of figures for a tax return at year-end. I set up simple Excel spreadsheets as I don’t believe in cost and complexity just for the sake of it. I am also enthusiastic about empowering folks to do their own accounts once we have a system in place. I’m always around to offer on-going advice and I also prepare tax returns – both for companies and for individuals.

So, if you feel that my approach to accountancy fits with your approach to your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Fees will be calculated on the work required.


“for two years I’ve invested monthly in work with Carole George, who has valiantly got me more organised in my finances. I’m very capable of doing my own, and did my own tax returns for 6 years, but working with Carole has been an utter joy. The tax return, for 2015/16 year is the last where things were more in a guddle and it feels great to know that we are already up to date for the current tax year and submitting come April will be easy peasey! I am sooooo glad I invested in Carole’s help with this – for both my business and for me” – From Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch Limited.  (2017, and still a valued and valuing client)

Carole George got me started with my accounts a couple of years ago and is a complete joy to work with.” – From Mary McConnell of Star Therapies.

I have had my book-keeping and accounts made enjoyable thanks to Carole George who has made me a personalised system which is a joy, not only to behold, but to use. I truly recommend working with her if you would like to add simplicity and professionalism into your finance system.” – From Jackie Walker.