Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage

Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage is a beautiful way to connect with your deeper self and I am delighted to offer sessions in this amazing work. Touch is the first of our senses to develop and it allows us to connect with self, to feel pleasure and comfort and to heal. Through touch we can discover the true essence of our sacred, spiritual and sexual Being. A Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage can re-awaken your sexual energy, it can help with healing old wounds and can also help connect you with a deeper spiritual awareness. It is also a beautiful way to discover the joy of receiving.

During a Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage, I am in absolute service to you and together we will work through a series of sacred rituals that celebrate you in your entirety. I will invite you to relax and be open to receiving conscious touch.

The first ritual is the opening of Sacred Space between us. Sacred Space allows us to enter our inner world, and to leave our defences and burdens behind. We enter a Space of quiet and healing, where everything that is done is for your greater good.

We will follow this with some breathing and connecting, to connect energetically with each other and to become fully embodied. After that we will engage in an Honouring ritual where you will be invited to fully connect with the divine within you.

You will then be invited to lie face down on the futon where you will receive a deeply relaxing massage on the back, before you turn onto your back and receive a massage on the front of your body. The massage will be carried out using generous amounts of warm, scented vegetable oil. A Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage includes all parts of your body, but only to your level of comfort. This massage does not involve any deep tissue work or remedial work. The massage may also be done fully clothed, whatever you are most comfortable with.

The massage will be carried out in my Temple Space and this offers a very safe, sacred and loving space in which to explore your wholeness and deeper self.

Should you wish to arrange a session or receive more information, please get in touch.

Please note that sessions are 2-3 hours minimum.

Sacred Touch Massage is charged at £100 per hour.


Carole is at one with Scotland. She can be as gentle with her touch as the water lapping the loch shores or as wild and invigorating as the sea crashing against the rocks. She can take you to the breathtaking peaks of the highlands and back down to the tranquil verdant valleys. Like Scotland, she has equal reserves of both natural and spiritual energy. Like Scotland, she has an untamed beauty that never grows old on the eye. And like tasty traditional Scottish fare, Carole always makes me yearn for more!’ – Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage Client.