Sacred Touch (Tantra) Massage offers a beautiful way to connect with your deeper self. Touch is the first of our senses to develop and through touch we can discover the true essence of our sacred, spiritual and sexual being. This massage is a series of sacred rituals that celebrates you in your totality; it will allow you to relax, to receive and to enjoy conscious touch. Sacred Touch Massage will help awaken an awareness of your sexual energy, the energy that is our creative life force. There are sensual massages that offer instant gratification – this is not what I am offering.

Sacred De-armouring (– with a focus on releasing sexual trauma) is an intense process that helps us release pain and trauma stored within the body. These traumas can be stored deep within our bodies and, over the years, we can build up layers of ‘armour’ to keep the pain hidden and prevent us from having to deal with the source. Releasing this armour allows us to transform our lives by letting go of the limitations that we have imposed upon ourselves. I can help you reconnect with yourself – this in turn will help you reconnect with others and with the joy that is available when we allow ourselves to be open to it. This can be a process of liberation and empowerment.

Shamanic Healing work with the soul in order to bring balance and harmony back to our physical bodies. Shamanic healing is believed to be one of the world’s oldest healing practices, going back thousands of years and the processes are every bit as valid today. A shaman works between worlds, e.g. the spiritual world, in order to impact on the physical body. This work may involve an Illumination Process or an Ancestral Healing session.

Tender Loving Touch nurtures us through life. How many of us receive the levels of touch we need in order to thrive? It has been suggested that all of us should give or receive a minimum of 12 hugs per day. Touch is fundamental to our overall physical and emotion well-being, and for that reason I am happy to offer sessions where you will receive touch to a level that you are comfortable with.

Decluttering all aspects of You and Your Life and finding Freedom and finding Freedom is a means of simplifying your life – take away that which no longer serves and make more space for those aspects that bring fulfilment. I specialise in decluttering your surroundings, your time and your finances.