2014 – My Year

2014 – My Year

I’ve just returned from a wonderful walk along the beach – a glorious sunset over Ailsa Craig, a full moon illuminating the sand dunes, a pair of swans feeding at the Pow Burn, the plaintive call of oyster catchers breaking the comfortable silence. This time last year, I was watching my dear Mum getting ready to leave her body – I loved her very much and was so glad that she timed it before pain set in. In memory of the happy times we shared down the beach as a family, we scattered Mum’s ashes along at the dunes end – and tonight Mum was very much there for a chat, so I told her about the my year.

Thirteen hours after Mum died, I set off for New Zealand – convinced that Mum went when she did so that I could go. I’d planned the trip so that I could do some more training – a repeat of Awaken The Sacred Body followed by Deepen The Sexual Shaman – with Leanne Edwards of the Earthwalk Project and Matt Schwent of Unique Tantra. Their work is incredibly challenging, and led me to some screaming hissy fits and temper tantrums, but the benefits were huge and helped me enormously in this year of profound change. I loved New Zealand – a wee bit like on Scotland on speed. I so relished the energy and power of the land. I had a few days at the end of the training, so treated myself to some coastal walking in the Golden Bay area – Farewell Spit is a stunning place of huge sand dunes, thousands of sea birds and a fabulous place for paddling in the Tasman Sea. Heavenly.

I’m very aware that I get so much from being near the sea and the hills. In June, I had a stunning week on Colonsay then went onto Barra – my spiritual home. I love everything about the islands – the peace and quiet, the energy of the sea, the birdlife, the seals and, if I’m incredibly lucky, dolphins and whales. Later on in the year, I had a fabulous week in Orkney – tremendous cliff walks, visiting Papa Westray and sitting beside the 5,000 plus year-old Knap of Howar, crawling into The Tomb of the Otters down at South Ronaldsay, walking round the Ring of Brodgar and being so totally energised. It is humbling to sit and be with those who have been here before.

In October, I went to Mexico to take part in the Earthdance Ceremony and it was absolutely amazing – meeting the Grandmothers, honouring the moon and the sun, experiencing rebirth with the sweat lodges, dancing in sacred patterns, listening to the drummers and singing, semi-fasting and swapping tales with some incredible individuals. A very deep experience and one that I’m immensely grateful for.

During this year, I’ve also discovered the fun of make-up, skirts and dresses, fancy leggings, bras (other than sports bras!!) and the sheer joy of being in a female body. I had fun dying my hair purple. I felt hugely liberated when I shaved my head – no more hiding, what you see is me without disguise or pretence. I met the gorgeous baby daughter of a dear friend and my heart sang when I saw the unconditional love in her; a huge blessing and privilege. In June I made the choice not to drink alcohol and that’s been hugely beneficial.

It’s been a year since I left salaried employment and I don’t regret it at all. I’ve done some truly amazing, hugely healing work with Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch. Undertaken my Reiki 1 and 11 training. I’ve been on many workshops and have assisted at some as well. I’ve assisted at a week-long residential retreat. I have some wonderful clients that I enjoy working with and I plan to expand my offerings in the coming year.

Roll on 2015 – the year I truly step into my power!

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