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I was in Dundee over the weekend for the 33rd Mountain Film Festival – I’ve been attending for 30 years, always come back feeling inspired and this year was no exception.

How could I fail to be inspired by two men who decided to row across the Indian Ocean (3,500 miles) despite the fact that they’d never rowed before; or by the guys who thought it was fun to highline across the towers in The Aiguilles Du Midi – one guy without a safety line! The attached link gives a taste – http://www.petit-bus-rouge.com/

I was really super excited when I saw a film of a guy being fired across a field from a trebuchet – my whole being went ‘wow!’ Unfortunately, the company doesn’t do that any longer………………….

As well as inspiring me to do fun things and plan hill trips for next year, the speakers and films inspired me to get my butt in gear and start doing the work I came here to do. I have a passion for my work and I do know that it is good, but I don’t tell anyone about it. So it’s time to stop hiding, start writing and let the world and The Universe know that I’m here and ready to serve.

My work is diverse, but the thread that holds it altogether is that I create space in other people’s lives – space for them to be creative and work with their passions. I offer sessions in Sacred Touch Massage and Shamanic Healing. I also offer a de-junking service, accountancy work for both individuals and small businesses, financial awareness courses (Money Magic!) and a Peace of Mind Programme which allows you to organise all your personal affairs.

The intention over the next week or so is to write a piece about each individual offering and I am looking forward to doing that. I’m not just looking forward to doing it, I’m excited by it!!

Should you be interested in anything that I written so far, please get in touch – it would be lovely to hear from you.

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