Peace Of Mind Programme

Peace of Mind Programme


You wake up one morning and you check your mail. Upon opening one of the envelopes, imagine your surprise to find that you have won a year-long around the world holiday. You can’t even remember entering the competition, but you’ve won! Your next thought is ‘It’s a hoax’, so you go to your trusty search engine and check it all out, only to find that You Really Have Won A Holiday! The next catch – you leave tomorrow.

  • What about the cats?
  • What about the dogs?
  • Who’s going to feed the fish?
  • What about the monthly payments; and what are the monthly payments?
  • Who’s going to visit Aunt Mabel and take her for her weekly shop?
  • What about my insurance?
  • And, fingers crossed, should anything happen when I’m away- where’s my will; and what else does anybody need to know in that situation?

And the same would apply when you have your next Glorious Mid Life Crisis and decide to navigate The Universe until you choose to come home…

How would it feel to be ready for all life’s eventualities – including the fun ones?

My Peace Of Mind Programme was first created for a client asking for help for potential end-of-life planning, but it doesn’t have to be about Death – it can be very much about Living. However, death does come to all of us, and attending with the practicalities of a death, whilst dealing with personal grief, can be a huge challenge to those we hold dear. How many of us leave our affairs, each time we walk out our front door, in a way that they would be easy for someone else to deal with, e.g. where are key documents and information stored?

So, for any of these situations, whether it be leaving everything for somebody else to deal with or when we are merrily trotting around the World, imagine the frustration at being in the other side of the World or the other side of the Rainbow, desperately needing a piece of information, and not being able to advise your family where they could find it.

  • Do you know where all your documents are?
  • Would you like to have all your affairs organised?
  • If you go travelling, would family or friends know how to access information on your behalf?
  • How easy would it be for family or friends to deal with your affairs after your death?

I offer a programme where all this information can be recorded, including such things as:

  • all your personal details, e.g. next of kin, where your will is kept, employer’s details, etc.
  • all your assets and liabilities, bank details, etc.
  • and any other information that you want noted, e.g. passwords

By the time we have completed this programme, you will have everything in one place in a very accessible document. You can email a copy to friends, family or next of kin; or you could leave them with a paper copy. And if a lawyer holds a copy of your will, you could even leave a copy with them.

I bring a broad spectrum of experience and expertise to my offer of this Programme.

The value of this Peace of Mind Programme is £1,000.

I work in a personal way and the Programme is very much tailored to your requirements.

Should you wish to arrange an appointment to discuss your own Peace Of Mind Programme, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.